10 Plot Details You Never Knew About the Great War Fallout

the Great War Fallout

At first, there was a Sino-American War. Then, there was a thermonuclear holocaust that practically decimated the global population. Both these events caused civilization to experience a time reversal. Everything reverted to how they were a century before. These are the circumstances that set the stage for the game called The Great War Fallout.

There was extreme uncertainty after the Great War. Warring nations ended up destroying each other. The climate was wrecked because of the radiation caused by nuclear fallout. Every national governing body was dismantled, and billions died. By all accounts, the context of the game is extreme. Here are some of the plot details you may have not have known before about the Great War Fallout.

In the universe where the Fallout happened, the Soviet Union still existed. It had nuclear capabilities and dropped bombs on enemy states. In the universe where the Fallout took place, the Soviet Union existed even after 1991.

The war took only two hours, but in that period, the world irrevocably changed and for the worse. Every clock found in the game was stuck at 9:47, exactly five minutes after the first bomb detonated.

New York City was the first casualty of the nuclear attack. This can be observed in the latest news updates on how a bomb exploded in New York. The early stages of Fallout 4 shows that they could be living in Boston instead of the city that never gets sleep.

Las Vegas was relatively unscathed from the Great War Fallout. Observant players who explored the Mojave Wasteland noticed that. It is also one of the reasons why the Mojave Wasteland is just normal for many parts.

Robert saved Las Vegas with his calculations. He was able to predict the war, and he went out of his way to install a defense system on top of his casino. He stated that his predictions come from mathematical certainty.

The United Kingdom has survivors. Proof to this is Tenpenny, the infamous NPC in Fallout 3, journeyed to America from England.

The President of the United States hid months before the Great War started on the ENCLAVE oil rig. Enclave was a secret organization that controlled America after the war. It is the reason why America does not have a leader.

Enclave ruled the entire post-war United States, but it was hostile to outsiders and considered them to be impure and tainted by radioactive fallout.

Chinese submarines slipped through the American cities to discharge their nuclear bomb. Captain Zao, alive and unmutilated, expressed remorse of following orders to nuke America.

The 10-year conflict between China and America escalated into The Great War Fallout. America won back Alaska, invaded China, and was going to win the war until China launched a counter-attack that devastated the Earth.


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If you are a die-hard fan of fallout, you will definitely know this. Also, it does not mean that if this is only a game, it does not exist in real-life. we will never know but the pre-card records and histories in this game is quite a heavy information.

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