Churchill: Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

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World War 1 was one of the most drastic wars ever fought in history. When talking about World War 1, we have one name that pretty common in most of the events of World War 1, and the name is Winston Churchill. In case you might not know who Winston Churchill is, then let me tell you he served as the first lord of Admiralty in World War 1. Churchill was a British Politician, writer, and army officer. He was also the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940-1945 and 1951-1955.

Facts About Winston Churchill

These are some of the facts about Winston, which are not known to most of the people.

Very Less Can Be Known Churchill From His Childhood

If we look back into his childhood, we can see that he was not a good student. Reading his past, it is clear that he dropped out of military schools and never made it into it. Who would have thought that he will later become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Churchill: Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of
Churchill: Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

He Had Appetite For Learning

He possesses an appetite for learning. Winston loved reading books, and in fact, he would quickly grasp what he learned. He was a great fan of Shakespeare. 

He Was Prone To Accident

It seems like bad-luck was with him always. He faced many accidents, but he was never discouraged. He felt falls and severs car accidents, which almost lead him to death, but he was never discouraged. It seems like fate always had something wrong for him.

Winston Invented Several Words

Everybody knows that he was a writer and a keen learner, but he did also invented various words. He was credited for inventing the word ‘summit’ in the year 1950. He first used the word quisling, which is a synonym to the word traitor. Quisling means enemy occupying forces. 

His Wife Was Not His First Love

Clementine Churchill was the wife of Winston Churchill, but she was never his first love. Pamela Plowden was the first love of Churchill. Then he fell in love with Violet Asquith, who was the daughter of Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. He would have ended up having marrying Violet if Clementine Churchill would not have accepted his proposal. 

Churchill: Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of
Churchill: Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

Churchill Produced Various Artworks During His Lifetime

He also gained an interest in painting. Further, he produced more than 500 paintings during his lifetime. He produced elegant portraits and landscapes which were later printed on greeting cards.

He Had A Habit Of Smoking And Drinking

Churchill never compromised with the habit of smoking and drinking. Even when he was on the flight during World War 2, he carried his oxygen mask so that he can smoke through it. 

He Never Had A Good Relationship With His Parents

His parents seldom come to meet him. He used to write emotional letters to his parents to come and meet him, but they did not visit him. His father died when he was 21, and his relationship with him was not too good. 

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