What Were The Wilson’s 14 Points?

What Were The Wilson's 14 Points?

During World War I, Woodrow Wilson sends his fourteen-point strategy to a joint session of Congress. Representing the views and panel of Wilson and academic experts, Wilson’s 14 points provides a set of rules and regulations for the postwar world order during the outcome of the World War. However, many aspects described usual facts and terms such as how territories and empires devastated by war would be reestablished. 

What Were The Wilson's 14 Points?
What Were The Wilson’s 14 Points?

Interesting Facts And Summary- Wilson’s 14 Points:

Leading Up To Points:

The United States entered World War I in favor of their Allies. However, the U.S. forcefully entered into the war. Unlike other European nations, the U.S. was not wanted to take revenge and fight over territory. Wilson wanted to stop the battle to bring peace and happiness to the world. He had met with plenty of advisors and added them in his plan for peace. This plan was the fourteen points for bringing peace across the globe. 

 Purpose Of The Fourteen Points:

The main motto to introduce the fourteen points was to sketch out a plan and strategies to stop the war. Wilson set out some targets that he wishes to achieve at the end of the war. If the United States would be fought with Europe nations and soldiers, then they were losing not lose their lives but also precious resources. He wanted to introduce precisely why they were fighting. Through these fourteen points and speeches, Wilsons became the excellent leader of the countries to take part in the war to show his goals publicly. 

 Summary Of Wilson’s 14 Points:

  • There were no secret contracts and agreements between nations. However, the world would be familiar with the concept of diplomacy.
  • During peace and war, the international seas route shall be free from all kinds of duties.
  • The countries that adopt peace during conflicts then shall be able to make free trade.
  • The nations and armies shall manufacture no more weapons.
  • It will be fair to claims over regions and land. 
  • Will allow Russia to create its Government, and all the German armies and troops will evacuate the country. 
  • Belgium will be a self-dependent country, and all the German troops will leave it. 
What Were The Wilson's 14 Points?
What Were The Wilson’s 14 Points?
  • France will get back all the territory, including the Alsace-Lorraine and land.
  • The borders of Italy will be reestablished so that all the Italians will be live freely within the nation. 
  • Hungry and Austria will be established as an independent country. 
  • Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania had to leave all the central powers and introduced them as independent countries.
  • The Turkish people will establish their own country and the security provider to them.
  • Equally, importance will give to Poland, and it shall be introduced as an independent country.
  • A committee will be formed to protect the rights and independence of all the countries. 


These were the 14 Wilson points that were not successful during world war. The scores are exciting and useful but do not suit to the real world. 

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