Why Did Germany Unable To Achieve Victory At Verdun?

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The battle of Verdun was one of the lunatic and bloodiest battles of World War I. It happened between the armies of France and Germany. In 1915, the battle lasted for ten months and was a series of battles fought around Verdun and its region. However, the result of the fight is the collapse of the Verdun and French. It was the occasion when German became a majestic to crucial victory on the western front. The battle was drawn, and Verdun was unable to achieve success.  Moreover, this article will show the reasons of failure of Germany to achieve victory at Verdun. The list of factors included the German overconfidence, Somme offensive, and much more.


Germans adopt plenty of strategies, but their primary strategy was to force the French to destruct a battle. The Germans misunderstand that they were the strong and best soldiers, and they would achieve victorious in any dispute. The Germans strategies at this place followed by French. However, they hoped to ruin the forts of this place, which had particular importance and symbolic of France. In the early spring, Von Falkehyan was the leader of all the plans and strategies and provided five officers for the hateful at Verdun.

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Why Did Germany Unable To Achieve Victory At Verdun?

Moreover, he and his partners believed that France citizens would not fight with them at Verdun. On the other side, the Germans expected to French that it would use all their plans and strategies to the battle. The Germans misunderstand that once they achieve victory at Verdun, they could become active and make a strategic plan.

Military Reasons For The Failure Of Germany To Achieve Verdun:

There are so many reasons that restrict german to achieve their objectives. The germans avoid the strength and depth of the fortifications of french and their repairing abilities in lulls at the time of the battle. The French defenses fought equally with germans. Then the French army performed better and stronger than expected. They had been not only struggled with Germans but also killed thousands of German soldiers. Experts say that it is the main reason for the defeat of Germans.

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Why Did Germany Unable To Achieve Victory At Verdun?

Von Folkehyan had also avoided the strength of Britishers to organize an attack. However, the Germans army not prepared when Haig ordered the British to attack. This meant that Germans could not fight with Britishers, and they had to move their army towards the Somme and leave this place. Then, Verdun was free from all the disputes and attacks. This means that Germans could not achieve victory and had moved back to Germany.

Final Words:

Verdun was considered the bloody battle of WWI. Due to this reason, Germans wanted to achieve victory on it. But they were not successful and faced defeat because of plenty of reasons. The Germans did not meet their goals due to the purposes mentioned above. They did make strategies on France but unable to implement them at Verdun. The Germans estimated the power of french soldiers, and that’s why they unable to achieve victory.

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